My name is Ivan Zabrovskiy and I'm a web-developer. I'm horribly love a back-end and I have strong experience in different areas of web-development.

My current area of working is architecture of a development infrastructure and of a production environment.

My current technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Redmine, PostgreSQL, different Unix OS and tons of related libraries and tools.

I'd like to understand how work anything around us, especially in software world.

I know common practices and canonical approaches to most development problems. But I prefer to find and investigate unusual solutions of problems. Usually, this helps deeply understand a working area and provide knowledge about relations with neighbor themes. Moreover, this provide a direction for new investigations and helps better understand the World.

In this blog I describe my development experience, i.e. complicate taska and interesting approaches to problems. Moreover I try to answer on common questions and from time to time describe non-development problems and the life around me. So, here you will find only unique content created by me, without any reposting and rewriting, and without marketing.

My contact information is the following:


This blog based on StoryTIme and Ruby on Rails. Source code can be found on my GitHub page.